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Julie Jones BSc.DC.MMCA is a Chiropractor in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire. Julie has been practising since 2003 and  is a fully qualified chiropractor and registered with the General Chiropractic Council and a member of the MCA.

Located in Sawbridgeworth....

My clinic is located on Brook Road, Sawbridgeworth.  

Convienently located for Harlow, Sawbridgeworth, Bishops Stortford and surrounding villages.

Patient Comments:

"For the last couple of weeks I have had a problem with my neck and shoulders resulting in a four day headache which reduced me to tears. Julie kindly fitted me in last night. As I left her practice, I felt the tension and pain easing away and I had my first pain free night in a long while. I would highly recommend Julie. She is extremely professional but very friendly and will put you at ease. Mrs Magic Hands! " - Karen Shine, Sawbridgeworth

"Julie really helped me out with my back pain during my second pregnancy, I only wish I had known about chiropractic when I had my first baby 4 years ago." - Mrs T. Bletching, Bishops Stortford

"I wanted to see a Chiropractor in Harlow and McTimoney chiropractic is wonderful! So gentle, but yet it really works" - Mrs. Flemming, Harlow

"I had tried everything and chiropractic really was a last resort for me, so I was very pleasantly surprised when after a few treatments my neck pain had virtually disappeared" - Mr. Axon, Sawbridgeworth

"Having suffered lower back pain for over a year and having 12 sessions of physiotherapy recommended by the GP, the pain never went away. Whilst I was "used to it" I was starting to avoid certain movements. I paid another visit to the GP with the outcome being a  recommendation to see a chiropractor. After only 3 sessions I feel so much more flexible and have decided to go for a monthly maintenance session and eventually 3-monthly. An excellent service - I wish I had gone to Julie in the first place. Highly recommended!" - V. Derrick

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Monday : 9.30am - 11.30 am

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Saturday: 9.45am - 1.00pm

A whole body treatment with light force adjustments